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4-Wheel Rollators

As compared to 3 wheel alternatives, 4 wheel rollators provide a wider, more stable base. Given that fact, this style of walking aid is ideal for bariatric users, and for those with very limited balance. If you’ll need to navigate narrow hallways or doorways, on the other hand, you may want to consider a 3 wheel option. We make sure to list the weight and overall width of every model we sell, so you can quickly and easily assess which of our offerings fit your lifestyle best. Whether you need a lightweight rollator, or a heavy duty model, we've got you covered.

At 1800wheelchair, we carry a wide selection of affordable 4 wheel walkers and rollators, and our inventory can accommodate users of all sizes. We also have an extensive walker accessories section, where you’ll find plenty of customization options to help ensure that any walking aid you buy is a perfect fit.

Order online or give us a call at 1-800-233-8110; our phone agents are standing by to answer any questions you may have.

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  • Price:
    CAD $315.00
    • Two products in one
    • Combines the features of a transport chair and rollator
    • Two position contoured back rest
  • Price:
    CAD $145.70
    • Padded backrest
    • Large 8" wheels for confidence on all terrains
    • Fully padded 12" x 12" seat with pouch
  • Price:
    CAD $1,200.00
    • Two products in one
    • Easily foldable into a compact package
    • Height adjustable ergonomic hand grips
  • Price:
    CAD $265.00
    • Two products in one
    • Easily converts from rollator to transport chair
    • Ergonomic loop hand brakes - squeeze to brake, flip down to apply wheel locks
  • Price:
    CAD $295.00
    • Adjustable seat height
    • Ergonomic handgrips offer a comfortable grip
    • Comfortable, wide, seamless padded seat
  • Price:
    CAD $215.00
    • Folds completely flat, making it even easier to store
    • Extra wide memory foam seat
    • A simple seat latch allows users to move it for step-in support
  • Price:
    CAD $135.00
    • Large 8" wheels
    • Comes with durable, plastic seat
    • Removable, hinged padded backrest can be folded up and down
  • Price:
    CAD $165.00
    • Padded seat and backrest provide comfort
    • Lightweight, anodized aluminum weighs only 12 lbs.
    • Easy one hand folding for easy storage and transport
  • Price:
    CAD $180.00
    • Large 8" wheels
    • Lightweight, anodized aluminum frame is height adjustable.
    • Loop style brakes controls speed and easily lock wheels while seated.
  • Price:
    CAD $100.00
    • Convenient storage bag included
    • Comfortable padded 12" x 12" seat
    • 6" wheels
  • Price:
    CAD $777.68
    • Brake cable inside frame for added safety
    • Large 10" front casters for easy maneuverability
  • Price:
    CAD $155.00
    • Weighs only 15lbs
    • Non-marring 6
  • Price:
    CAD $263.25
    • Easily manoeuverable
    • Economically priced
  • Price:
    CAD $325.00
    • Height adjustable handle bars for proper posture
    • Ergonomic hand grips which place your hands at a natural angle for comfort and better brake access
    • Extra large 8" wheels for added reliability and stability
  • Price:
    CAD $190.00
    • 8" casters
    • Economically priced
  • Price:
    CAD $385.00
    • 10" front casters allow excellent steering and rolling comfort
    • Back support height easily adjusts with tool-free thumb screw
  • Price:
    CAD $270.00
    • 8” Backrest
    • 3 color frames to choose
  • Price:
    CAD $370.00
    • Large 10" front casters for easy maneuverability
    • Hemi-height ideal for users 5'2" and below
  • Price:
    CAD $349.00
    • 8" Backrest
    • Black & Red folding frame options
  • Price:
    CAD $285.00
    • Adjustable seat-to-floor height
    • Ergonomic handgrips offer a comfortable grip
    • Zippered pouch under seat for security of personal items
  • Price:
    CAD $489.00
    • Hygienic
    • Prevents life-threatening accidents
    • Promotes independence
  • Price:
    CAD $1,520.00
    • Helps users lose weight
    • Two-step folding mechanism
    • Helps users lose weight, maintain regular exercise routine
  • Price:
    CAD $195.00
    • Wheels swivel or can be locked to roll forward only
    • Ergonomic loop hand brakes - squeeze to brake, flip down to apply wheel locks
    • Easily folds with dual clever side paddle release
  • Price:
    CAD $195.00
    • Proceeds go to ACSMS campaign
    • Universal height adjustment on frame
    • Seamless padded seat with zippered pouch

Things to consider when choosing a 4 wheel rolling walker (Rollator):

User height / Handle height - The height of the user and the length of their arms will dictate the appropriate handle height for your the rolling walker. To get the optimum handle height, when the user is standing, measure the distance from the wrist of the user to the floor.

Here are some rough handle height recommendations for users:

  • Under 5' - handle height of 25"-30"
  • Between 5'-6' - handle height of 30"-35"
  • Taller then 6' - handle height of 35"+

User weight - Most rolling walkers have a a weight capacity of 250-300lbs. If you are over 250lbs., please consider our selection of heavy duty rolling walkers. These models have a higher weight capacity and generally include a wider and deeper seat for your sitting comfort.

Padded seat - Most four wheel rolling walkers come with seats; generally they are vinyl or plastic. If you plan to use walker's seat, we suggest looking at model that includes a padded seat.

Brakes - Most rolling walkers come with handle breaks. When squeezing the breaks, your walker will slow down - just like a bicycle. Most rolling walkers offer a break lock which, when engaged, locks the walker's wheels. Tip: always lock the breaks before sitting in your rolling walker.

Common Questions

Will my rolling walker fold?

Yes, all four wheel rolling walkers fold and could fit into a car or car trunk.

Is there any assembly required?

All walkers come assembled, however you will need to adjust height of the handles. This is generally a tool-free fix.

Is there any maintenance?

Like any mechanical devices, you will likely need to do some minor maintenance. For example, you may need to tighten the breaks or tighten down some nuts/bolts.