Walkers for Adults

No one should have to sacrifice their mobility, were due to natural aging or unexpected medical conditions. At 1800wheelchair, we carry the best adult walkers, rollators, canes, and crutches from top brands like Medline, drive, and Invacare. If life is slowing you down, let us help you get back on your feet without breaking the bank.

If you are looking to maintain your mobility, 1800wheelchair's walking aid store has the adult walkers, rollators, canes, crutches and walker accessories you need to help keep your independence. We carry a large selection of products, whether you need just a little boost out of a chair, or assistance with every step you take.

Due to the large variety of walking aids, it can be difficult to determine which product is the best fit for your individual needs. Our goal is to make your life easier. Helping you stay active and in control of your life is our top priority. We take pride in helping you find the right product just for you.

The following is a short guide to get you started on the path to a more mobile and independent life. If you have any questions, just give us a call! Our friendly customer service representatives are standing by to answer any questions you may have. As always, it's important to consult with your doctor for medical advice.

Before purchasing a walking aid, you should properly assess your current mobility level. Someone who has trouble walking from their living room to their kitchen will have different mobility needs to someone who needs only a little help getting around the mall or grocery store. Here are some general guidelines to help you determine your mobility needs:

  • High Mobility Level: You need a little assistance but are still active and in good health. Examples of this would be struggling to stand up from a chair. Or simply getting tired a little more than usual and needing a break after too much time on your feet. If this sounds like your situation, you may be looking for a walking aid to help maintain your independence, stand up easier, and keep your normal walking pace. Products we suggest include: standard cane, seat cane, or a 3 and 4-wheel rollator.
  • Medium Mobility Level: You may find navigating stairs difficult and time-consuming, or walking for several minutes may drain you much more than usual. Or perhaps you need help establishing a sturdy base for your body. Regaining your stability, support and balance can be found using the following products: quad cane, standard adult walker, 2 wheel walker & 4 wheel rolling walkers.
  • Low Mobility Level: If getting to your feet or standing up from a chair feels like a monstrous task, or walking even just a few steps leaves you tired and sore, you may have low mobility. A sturdy walking aid with four feet on the ground at all times will improve mobility and offer more independence. Low mobility users typically find the most help from the following items: large base quad cane, standard adult walker.
  • Sizing: The correct size and fitting the user to their ideal product is vitally important in the purchase of any walking aid. Many of our products are customizable for both standard sizes and the bariatric user. Additionally, we also offer products made specifically for users over 300 lbs., which we call 'heavy duty.'

    Above all, you should consult with your doctor to help determine the best aid for your individual needs. Also, consider doing some additional research beforehand so you are a confident buyer.

    Rollings, walkers without wheels, canes, and crutches: we carry all top walking aid brands, like Dolomite Walkers. Have a question about one of our products? Want to know more about ordering online? Please call one of our representations.