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Geri Chairs

Geri chairs (or geriatric chairs) are large padded chairs with wheeled bases, and are designed to assist seniors with limited mobility.

When compared to transport chairs, these units tend to be roomier and easier to lounge in, and are usually both cushioned and reclinable. On the other hand, they are also far heavier and far less portable than lightweight wheelchairs. Typically operated by a relative or caregiver, these chairs are best-suited to the hospital and the home, as they provide a safe, comfortable way for those with limited mobility to relax.

At 1800wheelchair, we offer the best geri chairs from the top brands -- and our prices won’t break the bank! Order online or give us a call at 1-800-233-8110; our phone agents are standing by to answer any questions you may have.

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  • Price:
    CAD $1,275.00
    • Deep recline and Trendelenburg position can only be attained by an attendant
    • Ideal for use in dialysis, blood collection, respiratory and cardiac care
  • Price:
    CAD $5,840.00
    • Quick-release trigger
    • Independent leg / back adjustment
  • Price:
    CAD $1,825.00
    • Legrest adjusts independently from back
  • Price:
    CAD $1,125.00
    • 3 position recline
    • Snap-off side panels for easy cleaning
  • Price:
    CAD $2,635.00
    • Drop arm
    • Positions from TV to full recline
  • Price:
    CAD $2,310.00
    • Two side tables
    • Fully reclining
  • Price:
    CAD $1,425.00
    • 500 lbs. weight capacity
    • 3 position adjustable back
  • Price:
    CAD $2,605.00
    • For larger patients
    • Ergonomically designed armrest
  • Price:
    CAD $235.00
    • Provides optimal comfort and support for geri chair users
    • Added anti-microbial protection
  • Price:
    CAD $155.00
    • Designed with water-resistant Taslon fabric and filled with fluffy, spun fiber-fill
  • Price:
    CAD $170.00
    • Upholstered with attractive plaid fabric with fluffy, spun fiber-fill