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3-Wheel Rollators

3 wheel rollators consist of a frame, supported by a trio of wheels: one in front, two in the rear. When compared to 4 wheel options, these products provide added maneuverability, making narrow hallways and doorways less of a hassle. For bariatric users, however, and those whose balance is very limited, the support offered by a 3 wheel rollator may not be sufficient. If you’re not sure what’s right for you, check out our product listings, where we outline the weight capacity and overall width of every model we sell. The information provided should allow you to quickly and easily assess which of our offerings fit your lifestyle best.

At 1800wheelchair, we carry a wide selection of affordable 3 wheel walkers and rollators, and our inventory can accommodate users of all sizes. We also have an extensive walker accessories section, where you’ll find plenty of customization options to help ensure that any walking aid you buy is a perfect fit.

  • Price:
    CAD $180.00
    • Special loop-lock brakes
    • Solid 7.5" wheels for indoor or outdoor use
    • Easy, one-handed folding
  • Price:
    CAD $150.00
    • Adjustable handle height
    • Lightweight aluminum frame frame
    • solid 8" wheels for indoor or outdoor use
  • Price:
    CAD $360.00
    • Good for persons over 6'
    • Folds to just 11"
    • Basket and bag for storage
  • Price:
    CAD $330.00
    • Puncture resistant 8" wheels
    • Ergonomic loop hand brakes - squeeze to brake, flip down to apply wheel locks
    • Chrome-plated steel frame
  • Price:
    CAD $285.00
    • Adjustable handle height allows for a broad range of users
    • Extremely lightweight aluminum frame
    • Ergonomic hand grips with locking loop brakes

Things to consider when choosing a 3 wheel rolling walker (Rollator):

Handle height - The best way to get the correct handle is height is by measuring the user when they are in a standing position, measure the distance from the wrist of the user to the floor and then adjust the handle height to that same measurement. This will allow for proper comfort especially when grasping the rolling walker for support.

Handle height recommendations, for users:

  • Under 5' - handle height of 25"-30"
  • Between 5'-6' - handle height of 30"-35"
  • Taller then 6' - handle height of 35"+

User weight - 3 wheel rolling walkers, as a general rule, max out at a weight capacity of 300 lbs. If you weigh over 275lbs.lbs. you should consider a heavy duty rolling walkers; these models have higher weight capacity and have a wider seat for your sitting comfort. Three-wheel rollators do not come with seats.

Brakes - All three wheel rolling walkers come with hand breaks. Like a bicycle, squeezing the break will slow the rolling walker down. These breaks can be engaged to stop the walker from rolling at all - just push the break handel way down to lock the walker.

3 or 4 wheels - 3 wheel rolling walkers are great for short periods of time or if you need to get through tight, narrow spaces - for example in your home etc. We suggest a 4 wheel model if you need more support or require a seat, as most 4 wheel rolling walkers come with a folding seat.

Common Questions

Will my 3 wheel rolling walker fold?

Yes, all three-wheel rolling walkers fold and fit easily into a car's backseat or trunk.

Is there any assembly required?

All walkers come assembled, however you will need to adjust height of the handles. This is generally a tool-free fix.

Is there any maintenance?

Like any mechanical devices, you will likely need to do some minor maintenance. For example, you may need to tighten the breaks or tighten down some nuts/bolts.