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Welcome to our rigid ultralight wheelchair store. For sale below, you’ll find models that are fast, agile, and portable, all at affordable discount prices. We carry all the top brands (Invacare, Medline, Drive, etc.) and every chair we sell is certified brand new and backed by a manufacturer’s warranty.

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Rigid Ultra Lightweight - Up to 19 lbs - 24 - 30

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    1. Zephyr Ultra Light Wheelchair by Colours
      Zephyr Ultra Light Wheelchair by Colours
      • 14.5 lbs. One of the lightest chairs on the market
      • Fully Customizable to your Specifications
      • Quick Release Rear Axles
      Weight Capacity 250 lbs.
      Product Weight 14.5 lbs.
      Seat Width 12" - 18"
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      CAD $4,846.00

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    2. Eclipse Ultralight Wheelchair by Colours
      Eclipse Ultralight Wheelchair by Colours
      • Designed for convenience Compact handeling
      • Fully Customizable
      • Compact handeling
      Weight Capacity 250 lbs.
      Product Weight 17 lbs.
      Seat Width 14" - 18"
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      CAD $3,010.00

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    2 Result(s)

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      Rigid Performance Wheelchair

      With frames that weigh as little as 13 lbs, this class of wheelchair, broadly described as rigid ultralight weight, are the most technically-advanced, performance-oriented, and energy-efficient chairs available.

      Some of our Ultra Lightweight Wheelchairs have a folding frame for easy transport, while others have a rigid frame for better fit, optimized performance, and durability. Most are fully customizable and, as the name implies, are the lightest wheelchairs on the market.

      Folding or Rigid Frame?
      While it comes down to a matter of personal preference, it is important to take into account what each frame is designed for. At the most basic level, a Rigid Frame wheelchair is designed with the user in mind, while folding frame wheelchairs are designed with the user's companion in mind. Rigid Frame wheelchairs are a good choice for younger users who enjoy an active lifestyle, while Folding Frame chairs may be more appropriate for an older user who wants the convenience of an easy-to-fold design. It should be noted that rigid chairs can fold, just not like an accordion. Most rigid frame wheelchairs offer the option for a fold down back.

      Rigid Frame Ultralight Wheelchairs are designed with an eye towards optimizing performance for the active individual. Performance is dramatically increased in these extremely light chairs, as the rigid frame transfers all of the energy from the push of the wheel into forward motion. Some of this energy is lost in the moving parts of a foldable frame.

      Rigid Frame chairs are designed to fit the user in a way that the more boxy foldable-frame chairs are not. They often correspond to the user's body shape, with an ergonomic shape that is wider at the seat and tapers to the knees. They are usually heavily customizable and adjustable, with various height, camber and angle settings that can be tailored to the user's needs to increase independence. Folding Frame wheelchairs cannot equal the fit of rigid frame wheelchairs because they are limited by their ability to fold into a compact shape.

      Folding Frame Ultralight Wheelchairs may not offer the same performance benefits of a Rigid Frame chair, but their appealing ability to quickly fold and store in the trunk of a car makes them a very popular option, particularly for older users and those who do not lead an active lifestyle. The easy-to-fold design is particularly helpful for a user's companion, as the need to remove rear wheels for storage is eliminated.

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