Bathroom Safety

Welcome to our bath safety store. For sale below, you’ll find a variety of low-cost products designed to provide assistance to adults and seniors who have difficulty in tight spaces -- like a bathroom. From grab bars and shower seats, to transfer benches and bath lifts, our inventory will help you maintain your hygiene with confidence and dignity - and our prices won’t break the bank!

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Bathroom safety equipment is designed to provide extra layers of protection and security for individuals who are unable to bathe or toilet themselves. It allows them to live life to the fullest by actively participating in handling their daily needs.

What groups of individuals might need this kind of equipment?

  • Elderly persons or anyone who is too weak to stand for long periods of time
  • Individuals who have sustained injuries like broken bones or are paralyzed
  • Pediatric patients with special needs – spina bifida or cerebral palsy – or other mobility limiting conditions
  • Individuals who are recovering from certain types of surgery

Bathroom safety equipment provides many benefits for these individuals. It restores their dignity, allowing them to take care of their hygiene needs by themselves, rather than depending on others. It furnishes peace of mind, as they do not have to be afraid of falling. Getting individuals in and out of the bath or shower is easier and less stressful for the individual and/or the caregiver with the help of assistive equipment, and daily living activities like bathing or toileting are more comfortable.

There are four basic categories of bathroom safety equipment: bath and shower aids, bath benches and shower chairs, grab bars, and toilet safety aids. The following are some common bath and shower aids that one could find at a medical supply store.

Bath & Shower Accessories

Handheld shower sprays enable one to clean even hard to reach areas easily. Individuals or caregivers simply hold the shower head unit and direct the water flow to the specific areas. Using this type of shower heads means the patient can be seated, rather than standing, because the shower head can be moved to whatever position is required. Most models come with a fixture that enables them to be used as a conventional shower head or as a handheld version.

Disposable shampoo caps help keep hair clean and healthy. Using the caps is easy – the cap can be donned while the person is showering – and is less tiring for frail individuals than traditional shampooing methods.

Bath and Shower Accessories

Bath Benches and Shower Chairs

What type of benches or chairs are the best? The exact answer depends on each individual, as the purchase decision should be based on individual needs. However, there are some general guidelines to consider:

  1. Does the unit need to stored when not use?
  2. Is it lightweight and easy to handle and clean?
  3. Can the height be adjusted to accommodate most heights?
  4. What is the maximum weight capacity?

Bath and shower chairs provide extra support for individuals while in the tub or shower. They make it easier for individuals to get in and out of the tub, and reduce the risks of falling. It is a good idea to match these items with a bath grip or bathtub rail for additional security. One can grab the bar or rail to help rise to a standing position, or if they need to stabilize their balance.

Transfer Benches

Bathroom Transfer Systems

Bath Lifts

Toilet Safety Aids

For individuals who have difficulty rising from a seated position, a raised toilet seat or commode chair can make the difference between toileting themselves or requiring assistance. Most individuals, given a choice, would prefer to toilet themselves. 

In addition to a wide variety of toilet seats, benches, and toilet chairs, there are other aids for individuals with limited mobility or special needs. Specially designed wiping aids allow them to clean themselves after eliminating without having to bend, strain, or touch the toilet paper. Wiping aids are portable and can be easily transported for use when traveling. Devices to allow one to flush the toilet with a foot rather than a hand can make that chore much easier. For the person who uses a wheelchair or other mobility aid, there are after bath cover ups to keep them from getting chills and preserve their dignity.

Bathroom safety equipment not only helps individuals feel more secure, it gives them back their independence and freedom. Nothing restores one’s self-esteem like the confidence of knowing that they can take care of their hygiene needs independently.

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