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Quickie 2 Foldable Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair

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Quickie 2 Foldable Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair

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Quick Overview

  • The best selling Ultralight Wheelchair in the world for over 25 years
  • More features and options than any other folding wheelchair


The Quickie 2 from Sunrise Medical has more features and options than any other folding chair in today's market. There are over 64,000 configurations to customize your chair to your individual needs. It's versatility and well-established track record has made the Quickie 2 the premier choice of manual folding ultralight wheelchairs for over 25 years.

Picture shows chair with cushioned back and laterals.


  • Multi-adjustable caster forks allow for the most possible seat-to-floor height choices (from 13" - 22")
  • New swing in and swing out detachable footrests for easier transfer accomidation
  • Q-Fit Technology for the most quiet and stable armrest and side guard recievers
  • Quickie's Tru-Fit Program provides one-time free parts offer to modify the size of the chair within five years of ownership
  • Armrest options allow optimal user support, positioning and transfer needs
  • 265 lbs. weight capacity with a 350 lbs. capcity heavy duty option
  • Free Shipping


Weight Capacity 300 lbs.
Product Weight 25.4 lbs.
Weight Without Wheels 13.6 lbs.
Seat Width 12" - 22"
Seat Depth 12" - 20"
Seat-to-Floor Height 13" - 22"
Overall Width 20" - 29"
Folded Width 13"
Frame Color Black - Yellow
Front Wheel Size 3" - 8"
Rear Wheel Size 20" - 26"
Axle Type Quick Release
Armrests Desk-Length, Full-Length
Back Height 9" - 21"
Upholstery Type Nylon
Upholstery Color Black
Footrests Swingaway, Elevating
Warranty on Frame Lifetime Limited
Warranty on Wearable Parts One Year Limited
Shipping Weight 50 lbs.
Box Length 33"
Box Width 13"
Box Height 38"

Customer Reviews

Configure your Quickie 2 Foldable Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair

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The Quickie Xtender is Quickie's latest in a continuing line of power-chair innovations.

By providing a power assist to a manual chair, users can now maintain the look, control and functionality of a manual chair, without the extra effort involved in unassisted manual propulsion.

The Quickie Xtender will xtend the distance you travel, xtend the efficiency of your push and xtend your transportation options. The Quickie Xtender is available in two versions. The first version increases the force applied to the handrims by a factor of 1.5. The second version increases the force applied by a factor of 3.

This added assistance can decrease the users energy expenditure by as much as 45%.

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Rear frames are typically available in three styles:
1. Curved or Rounded rear frames offer great maneuverability and quick-response performance, while providing a sport appearance and the shortest overall length.

2. Square or Straight rear frames perform with outstanding stability. The axle plate allows the rear wheels to be placed directly below the back canes.

3. Extended rear frames allow adjustment for the position needs of both adolescents and individuals with special seating requirements.

Also some chairs have ""Heavy Duty"" options that allow for a reinforced frame and upholstery with increased weight capacity

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Front seat height is measured from the front of the seat to the floor.
Standard seat to floor height is 19.5". Hemi height (a lower seat) is usually 17.5


To determine the appropriate seat height, measure from the bend of the knee to the bottom of the foot. Subtract the height of the seat cushion if one is being used. If the wheelchair is not being self propelled by the feet, also add about 2 inches to allow for foot clearance.

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Rear seat height is measured from the back of the seat to the floor.

A chair's rear seat-to-floor height is most commonly set at a height 1" lower than the front seat height.

The rear of the seat is generally set at lower height than the front of the seat to prevent sliding forward.

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To determine a chair's back height, measure from the seat upholstery (at the seat rail) to the top of the back upholstery.
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The Quickie 2 backrest is adjustable, here you choose the preconfigured height setting.
This can be changed with a wrench on your own as well.

To determine a chair's back height, measure from the seat upholstery at the seat rail to the top of the back upholstery.

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An axle plate is a bolt-on, adjustable plate that receives the rear wheels and allows for vertical and horizontal adjustment of the chair's center-of-gravity.
The farther forward you move a rear wheel the easier it is to push, but this will change the center of gravity making the chair easier to tip backwards. In addition to the standard option, axle plates can also come as:
  • Offset Axle Plate: This style combines the standard rectangle and curved shapes. Other than this stylistic difference, this option functions just like the standard axle plate.
  • Amputee axle: This offsets the axle behind the backrest for enhanced rearward stability. This changed center of gravity corrects any imbalance resulting from the amputee’s lack of forward body weight. Note that with this option the overall length of the chair is extended.
  • Curved Axle: Unlike the rectangle axle plate, the curved axle plate is curved. This allows the chair to be configured to more seat-to-floor heights. In most cases, the customer will just specify their required seat-to-floor height. The manufacture, while building your chair on the factory floor, will appropriately choose between the curved and standard axle plates in order to accommodate your preferred seat-to-floor height.
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Wheel locks, also known as brakes are used to keep the wheelchair in a stationary position, for example, while traveling on public transportation and for safe transfers in and out of the chair.

Using wheel locks as a braking device can cause injury and excessive tire wear and should never be used in this manner.

There are various types of wheel locks available:

1. Push-to-lock wheel locks are the most common. The break is engaged by the rider pushing forward and applying pressure with the palm of their hand until the lever snaps into position.

2. Pull-to-lock wheel locks work in the same manner as the push-to-pock except the lever is pulled forward. For some riders, it may be easier because it does not require as much upper body mobility needed to push the lever away from the body.

3. Swing-away, low-mount and under-mount wheel locks work in different ways depending on the style. These wheel locks help you avoid hitting your thumbs when pushing directly on the tires by mounting the wheel locks away from this range of motion. Due to its location, some riders with limited mobility may not be able to engage these wheel locks.

Wheel lock extensions provide a greater lever arm to apply and remove the locking mechanism, making the wheel locks easier to engage for a rider with decreased upper strength.

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CAD $2,115.00

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