Traveling With Disabled People

Traveling with individuals with disabilities can be challenging for the travelers, traveling companions and for the travel providers. While individuals with disabilities are usually quick to adapt to their surroundings, it is important for all parties involved to make the travel as easy as possible. Not only is it advisable to make accommodations for disabled travelers, but in many instances, travel providers are bound by law to comply with the accommodations.

The needs of the disabled travelers can range from special seating arrangements on planes, trains or automobiles to special needs for hotel or motel rooms. Depending on the disability, the arrangements can be simple or more complex. For example, if a travel is vision impaired it may be necessary for a working dog to travel with the individual. Arrangements for travel and hotel will need to be made to accommodate the dog. Or, if the traveler is wheelchair bound, the transportation provider needs to accommodate the wheelchair and the hotel needs to provide a wheelchair accessible room.

Depending on the disability and the limitations they have will indicate what type of assistance and planning will be required. The disabled traveler, any traveling companion and travel companies are all responsible for making travel planning as smooth as possible for the disabled traveler.

To assist disabled travelers in planning and executing travel arrangements, we have gathered a collection of resources. We hope they will be helpful in traveling with individuals with disabilities: