Humanizing Disabilities: Personal Stories

Living with disabilities can be challenging. People who do not live with disabilities may have a difficult time understanding the plight of those who do. The personal stories of those living with disabilities can offer a refreshing perspective on the meaning of life and the triumph of enduring an entirely new way of living. The purpose of this list is to provide a closer, more personalized look at the lives of people with disabilities.

Traumatic Brain Injury

  • TBI Life TBI Life is a personal website by traumatic brain injury survivor, Dan Windheim. He has written an article in Arclight Magazine and is the author of a book titled “out of my mind”. He has used his traumatic experience to help others cope with traumatic brain injury.
  • The Fight of My Life The fight of my life is a personal blog by a traumatic brain injury survivor. The blog features her own personal thoughts about things that are going on in her life.
  • TBI Warrior TBI Warrior is a blog by a soldier who is recovering from Traumatic Brain Injury. He documents his daily feelings and struggles and does his best to help others cope with TBI.
  • TBI Army Wife This blog is written by an army wife. Her blog’s stated purpose is to “create awareness about TBI from a caregiver’s perspective”. This is an excellent resource for a spouse, partner, or family member of someone living with TBI.

Spinal Cord Injury and Paralysis

  • Not Sorry Am Happy – This website is written and maintained by Kenneth G. Webb, a survivor of spinal cord injury. Through his website, he offers his personal story of living with paralysis and has sections on his website helping survivors with life management skills such as mobility, bladder management, sexual management, equal opportunity, and accommodation.
  • – This is a personal website created by Brian Sterberg, a man who lives with spinal cord injury (SCI). The author had a bicycle accident that resulted in his injury. He shares his personal story of coping with SCI and shares his accomplishments, goals, and exercises.
  • Amanda Boxtel – Amanda Boxtel is an Australian native who developed spinal cord injury from a serious ski accident. She was told that she would never be able to walk again. However, through the miracle of stem cell research, she has been able to regain feeling in her legs. She shares her feelings and how she has learned to cope with her disability, as well as how she is healing from it.
  • Facial Palsy – Facial Palsy is a form of paralysis that affects the facial nerves. In the case of Karen, the author of this blog, her eye would not close properly. She eventually received surgery that would help her with this problem.
  • Life; Paralyzed – Life Paralyzed is a personal blog written by a woman named Chrissy. She describes her blog as a place she documents her day to day struggles of living with paralysis.
  • Caring for Someone Who’s Had a Stroke – Being a caregiver is never easy. Kathy Boncher discusses how she dealt with caring for her husband after he suffered a massive stroke.

    Developmental Disabilities

  • Victoria’s Story – Victoria is a girl who lives with cerebral palsy. Her mother shares her personal story on this website.
  • Donna’s Story – Donna is a woman who was born with cerebral palsy. She has to use a wheelchair for mobility. Right now she is fighting to get accessible public transportation. She and a man named Jim are fighting to get higher quality service from their local public transportation provider, Access Link.
  • Living With Cerebral Palsy – This blog is written and maintained by Tina Matsunaga, a woman who lives with spastic cerebral palsy. She shares her daily thoughts and struggles with anyone who is willing to read her blog.
  • Living with Scoliosis – This blog is about coping with scoliosis. The author answers frequently asked questions and provides regular updates.
  • One Patient’s Story of Living With Scoliosis – This is a personal story by a child who lives with scoliosis. She enjoys playing sports and is able to play again without worrying about her scoliosis.
  • Jennifer Wagner’s Story – This is an article by a woman who lives with scoliosis. She shares some helpful information as well as her experiences.
  • Living a Full and Happy Life After Amputation – This is an article about Liz Phelps – a remarkable woman who survived an amputation and went on to begin a writing career.
  • Gracie Rosenburg’s Story – This is a story about a woman who lost both of her legs due to a devastating car crash. She shares her new perspective with the world.
  • Living After an Amputation – This is a story about someone who had to have their lower left leg amputated due to a devastating motorcycle accident.
  • Living in Exile – This is a blog post about amputees in developing countries facing a great deal of challenges accessing vital medical services. The story focuses mainly on a Hispanic child named Rodrigo, who lives in Mexico with his parents and crosses the border under a humanitarian medical visa.
  • Amputees Unite – Amputees Unite is a personal website by a woman who lives with a husband who lost his lower leg in a bad car accident.
  • Living With Multiple Amputations – This article is about a woman named Karen Grace who decided to improve her quality of life by joining a health club. She lost both of her legs below the knee and nine of her fingers.

Mental Illness

  • Living With Depression – This article is about how one woman is living with and managing her clinical depression.
  • Living With Bipolar Disorder – This is the story of a person who lives with bipolar disorder.
  • Living With ADHD – This is a blog written by a woman who lives with ADHD. She lives in NYC and actively writes about the ups and downs of living with the disorder.
  • Living With Schizophrenia in Africa – This article is about an African native who struggles with schizophrenia.
  • Living With Paranoid Schizophrenia – This is a blog by a woman who lives with adult onset schizophrenia.
  • The Naked Truth – This is a blog by a woman who struggles with mental illness.

    Autism Spectrum

  • The Autism Life – This site was created by a family living with a child that has autism.
  • Life With Asperger’s – This is a blog written by a mother of two sons with Asperger’s.
  • James Autism – This blog was created and maintained by the parents of a child named James who suffers from Autism. The family lives in Austin, Texas and document their daily struggles, progress, and treatment.
  • Diary of a Mother Living With Autism– This blog is by a mother living with autism. She documents her life and the things that she deals with.
  • Living with Asperger’s – This is a blog by a 22 year old female who lives with asperger’s syndrome.
  • Autism Epicenter – This blog is written by parents of children with ASD.
    Severe Medical Limitation
  • Diabetes Mine – A helpful website for people living with diabetes. The author shares her personal stories and encourages others to do the same.
  • The Diabetic Pastry Chef – This blog is by a pastry chef who discovered that she had diabetes shortly after graduating from culinary school.
  • Freedom to Eat – This blog is for people with food allergies.
  • Lemonade Life – This is a personal blog by a girl who lives with type 1 diabetes in New York City.
  • My Life as a Type 2 Diabetic – This is about a woman who is living with type 2 diabetes.
  • A Healing Blog – This is a newsweek article about a woman with type 1 diabetes.
  • Diabetes Sisters – This is a website by women who seek to help other women dealing with diabetes.