How to Jazz Up Your Wheelchair

If you use the same wheelchair day after day, it becomes a part of you. For this reason, you might want to use that wheelchair to help show off who you are. There are lots of ways to turn a regular wheelchair into one that shows everyone your hobbies and what you like. Simple additions include pockets, spoke guards, flags, stickers, seat covers and lights.


If you attach a pocket to the side of a wheelchair, you can carry around all of your favorite items. A small pocket could be used to hold an action figure, doll or even a cell phone if you have one. A large one could be big enough to fit a laptop computer. Carrying each of these objects close makes sure you always have your favorite stuff around you when you want to use it.

Spoke Guards

Spoke guards not only protect one of the most important parts of your wheels, but you can also travel everywhere with style. Spoke guard art is really cool and there are all kinds of designs out there. There are tons to choose from with pictures of animals, planets and even one with the Wheel of Fortune on it! There are also optical illusions so you can hypnotize your teachers every time your tire spins.

Flags and Streamers

Flags or streamers are fun additions to any wheelchair because they wave around while you move fast. Choosing the right one can also say a lot about you. If you’re feeling patriotic, use an American flag. Or if you’re proud of your foreign heritage, fly the flag of a different country. Be careful though! If your streamers are really long they could get caught in your spokes or get shut in doorways.


Stickers are also a great way to share your feelings and opinions with your friends and classmates. What’s great about stickers is that there are so many kinds. If you look hard enough, you can find a sticker for whatever you can imagine. Stickers can share clever jokes or they can support an organization. Everybody likes music and you can support your favorite radio station by riding around with their sticker on the seat of your wheelchair. Or you can get one with a picture of your favorite cartoon character. There are countless options. Even though you’re too young to vote, you could even sport a sticker with a political agenda.

Seat Covers

There are a few different kinds of seat covers. Lambskin ones are really comfortable and can be put in the washing machine with no problem. Another option can include a seat cover with a fun pattern on it. There are tons out there; you just need to know where to look.


One of the newest wheelchair trends is underglow. Some cars (and more recently couches) have colored lights underneath so that they shine a cool glow on the ground below. In order to add underglow to your wheelchair, you will have to have your parents take you to Pep Boys or Autolumination and get LED lights. If you have Christmas lights laying around the house you can use those too. Just make sure to ask your parents first. Underglow isn’t only for electric wheelchairs. You can buy battery packs and strap them to the bottom of your chair.

Other Lights

Underneath the wheelchair is not the only place you can put lights. Spoke lights are blade-shaped objects that you can attach to the spokes on your wheel. When the wheel spins, the blades light up and flash. They come in a variety of colors and some even display words or designs that look like flower petals. Each blade needs 3 AA batteries, so make sure you ask mom or dad to stock up.

Of course, all of these cool wheelchair accessories aren’t as important as your safety. Be sure that you are handling your wheelchair properly before you get any of them.

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