Computing for Those with Special Needs

Computers should be accessible to everyone. There is very little reason why a person with special needs can’t enjoy the use of a computer. When it comes to assistive technology, there are adaptations and devices that make computer use possible for people with special needs. For instance, the keyboard may be changed or the sound system may be updated to make computer use more convenient.



Physical/Motor Impairment

People with physical or motor impairments can still enjoy using a computer. In fact, there are a number of devices that allow these individuals to successfully use a computer. For instance, keyboards can be adapted for use by a person with physical or motor impairment. Also, a person with a physical or motor impairment can use a computer mouse that better suits their needs.

Learning Disabilities

People with learning disabilities experience many benefits by using computers. For instance, recording ideas and writing can be made easier with the help of a word processor. Furthermore, a student with a learning disability may find it more convenient to type notes for a class on a computer instead of write them. Computers offer students with learning disabilities a number of ways to make their study time more effective.

Today, computers allow people with special needs more freedom to communicate with others. In fact, each new piece of computer technology brings people with special needs fresh and exciting opportunities.