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Toilet Accessories

Our toilet accessories category is comprised of complementary hygiene maintenance products that can improve your experience with almost any piece of bathroom safety equipment. Assistive products like toilet safety frames (designed to help users sit down or stand up when toileting) and commode cushions (designed to provide a comfortable seat for commode users) can provide additional convenience and support to those who want to retain autonomy, but struggle with certain aspects of their hygiene routine. If you’re looking to address difficulties associated with the toileting process, you’re in the right place.

  • Price:
    CAD $91.13
    • Arm height and width are adjustable
  • Price:
    CAD $1,540.00
    • Pads are made of a high grade foam rubber
    • System is adjustable with six positions
  • Price:
    CAD $80.00
    • Frame accomodates standard or elevated toilet seats
  • Price:
    CAD $3,140.00
    • Wall Frame kit is easily assembled
    • Powder coated to prevent corrosion
  • Price:
    CAD $489.00
    • Hygienic
    • Prevents life-threatening accidents
    • Promotes independence
  • Price:
    CAD $310.00
    • Lifts user off of commode
    • Fits over toilet or with included bucket
  • Price:
    CAD $689.00
    • Independent support
    • Adjustable back height
  • Price:
    CAD $290.00
    • Fully folding and adjustable portable toilet frame
  • Price:
    CAD $820.00
    • High-back model
    • Easy to attach / remove
  • Price:
    CAD $120.00
    • Clean and easy bedpan waste disposal
    • Converts liquid to gel
  • Price:
    CAD $65.00
    • Arm height and width are adjustable
    • Waterfall armrests provide additional comfort and support